About Us

Bona Adventure is working for the development of Hungarian agriculture and the most efficient, knowledge-intensive, and sustainable production of farmers since 2018. We provide several services that bring real results to our partners in a short period of time.

Our involvement in domestic and international scientific life is becoming more and more important. Our main areas of expertise are animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, but we have also worked in the fields of plant breeding, horticulture, molecular biology, microbiology and analytical chemistry.

Our team has already worked together with our predecessor, the Hungarian Academy of Science Large Animal Research Group. We involved more than 800 adult cattle, 500 calves and 200 horses in field trials. As results of more than 1,000 nights spent in the field, 3,000 days spent in the field, and more than 12,000 analyzed biological samples many scientific publications have been published in Q1 and D1 journals, which is unprecedented in Hungarian agricultural research and academic institutions.

We conducted several field experiments targeted to predict dystocia and birth weight of calves in dairy herds, to increase newborn calf vitality and to estimate the physiological basis of heat stress, the results of which have made us interested in the domestic and international precision animal husbandry sector.

As the first Hungarian research company, we are confident that we have been able to create a unique R&D community in Hungary. In this research community, animal husbandry and agricultural engineers and clinical veterinarians dealing with porcine, equine, poultry and ruminant species have achieved outstanding and novel scientific results in the field of animal welfare, stress and behavioral physiology, ethology and molecular biology, diagnostics, sports physiology, animal reproduction and obstetrics.

We are happy to participate in as many innovative development projects as possible based on scientific knowledge. We cannot say no to such challenges.